Body of a Lost Man Found in El Chorro Lake (Malaga)

Credit: Twitter @TOMAandCOE

The body of a lost man has been found in El Chorro lake, in Malaga’s Ardlaes. The 24-year-old Colombian had been missing since yesterday afternoon at around 03:30 p.m. He was swimming in the lake until his friends lost sight of him.

After the incident, they alerted the Guardia Civil, the Provincial Firefighters and the medical emergency team. Unfortunately, the search team ended its mission after finding the lifeless body of the young man.

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Officers from the Special Group for Underwater Activities rescued the body of the young man, who according to the initial investigations drowned. The discovery of the body took place today at around 7:00 p.m. The Guardia Civil, who was at the location looking for the young man, immediately activated the judicial procedures in order to remove the body, which was delayed until late in the afternoon.

In the province of Malaga, these last few days have been unlucky for various swimmers of all ages. At least three other men have drowned over the last week, mainly whilst swimming in the sea. One of the latest incidents occurred in Estepona.

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