A Face Mask Has Been Developed That Renders Covid Inactive

The first face mask that neutralises the coronavirus has been developed in Portugal. CREDIT: Twitter

A face mask that suppresses the coronavirus has been developed in Portugal by a collaboration of several companies along with scientists and Portuguese academics and has been approved by the Institute of Molecular Medicine (iMM) of Lisbon.

MOxATech is the name of the mask which has actually been available to buy since April, but its ability to render the virus inactive has only just been confirmed after testing by the iMM.

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The masks have a protective coating that neutralizes the virus when it comes into contact with it. iMM virologist Pedro Simas, who coordinated the tests, insists that the masks have proved effective against Covid, even after 50 washes.

The mask is made up of various layers of material, is waterproof and reusable, and is certified by the French Direction Générale des Entreprises. It is currently only available in Portuguese stores MO, although the project has now been made available for the rest of the EU.




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