Tour operators guarantee for Spain’s second wave of Covid

Tour operators TUI offer guarantees. Credit: Twitter

LOCAL authorities have appeared on television advising that Spain could go into complete lockdown again due to a spike in Covid-19.

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Sources claim that this is mainly on Spain’s east coast areas of Alicante, Benidorm and Valencia.

Due to previous instances of UK visitors being forced to stay in their hotel during quarantine but still being charged for hotel costs and food allowances the same authorities have also said that if this happens to you, make sure you save all receipts of any extra costs and claim on arrival in the UK.

Please make sure your insurance covers you before leaving the UK.

Tour operators TUI have warned that they will cancel holiday packages if the situation gets any worse as they will not take valued customers on holiday if they cannot guarantee their safety or if the government in Spain reinstates a quarantine for travellers from the UK.

The company are offering ”free travel amendments if you fall ill and a holiday guarantee for Covid related medical expenses and an extended stay if required.”


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