Pet owners in Cartagena are walking their dogs ‘in fear’

Walking dogs
LACED MEAT: Dog walkers have found sharp pbjects in meat. CREDIT: PxHere

PET owners in Cartagena claim they are walking their dogs ‘in fear’ after finding pieces of meat laced with sharp objects on the floor.

One resident, María José Pastor, said she went out to walk her dog as normal on Sunday, July 19, when the animal stopped to eat what appeared to be “pieces of sausage.”

Pastor told La Opinion de Murcia:  “I took it out of his mouth and when I opened the meat I realised that inside there were several metal staples.”


She immediately contacted her neighbours, urging them to “start looking for more pieces and prevent any dog in the area from suffering any damage.”

Another resident, Joaquín M, added that “this is not the first time this has happened.”

“A few months ago we found pieces of sausage that contained nails inside. We go out with our dogs “in fear as we don’t know if they will do it again.”

Both pet owners live in Calle Sabadell which has a wooded area “where it is common to see dogs moving around all day.”

“In our street alone, there are 15 of us who have a pet and practically all go to this area to walk their dogs,” Diego Garcia told the same publication.

“We are also worried a small child could put a piece in their mouth and parents do not realise.”

The residents have grouped together to draft a petition “we will all sign and present to Cartagena Council.”

They are also keeping records to present to the Guardia Civil or the National Police: “We cannot let this happen again,” they added.



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