More than 100,000 kilos of waste to be removed from coast

Ten boats will cover the coast from Nerja to Velez-Malaga

BEACH cleaning boats will remove more than 100,000 kilos of waste floating in the sea in the Axarquia region. Ten boats will cover the coast from Nerja to Velez-Malaga to remove between 1,000 and 1,600 kilos of debris daily.

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The Covid confinement has not reduced the presence of floating objects on the beaches of the coast, but quite the opposite.

After just over a month of its beginning, the removal of debris has increased considerably.

The boats are responsible for removing algae, jellyfish, fish discards and other floating debris from the surface waters, they plan to exceed the 54,200 kilograms of inorganic matter, such as plastic, and 49,750 of organic matter reached in 2019.

Rivas ensures that the presence of waste is higher every year. “We thought that the confinement would reduce it, but far from decreasing, what we have seen is that every summer the amount of waste we remove is greater,” says the head of Servimar Axarquia.

So far this summer the service has removed butane gas cylinders, old suitcases, floating logs, plastics, containers of all kinds, and discards from fishing boats.

The boats are operational from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 11am to 8pm in the case of Velez-Malaga and Algarrobo; and until seven in Torrox and Nerja.


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