Going to the Club in This Spanish Region? You’ll Have to Leave a Phone Number

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Thinking of going to the club in this Spanish region? You’ll have to leave a phone number first. The President of Castilla-La Mancha has advised that this Friday there will be a new regulation for the nightlife industry.

THIS new regulation will be adopted region-wide. As of Friday, in order to enter a nightclub venue in Castilla-La Mancha, you will have to provide your telephone number to the club. This is in case there is an outbreak of the coronavirus. The telephone number will be kept solely to inform any customers if they must stay in quarantine or not.

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This has been announced at a press conference. Garcia-Page has explained that this rule will serve to avoid having to take any “more drastic decisions.” Rather than the complete closure of these venues, the regional government has decided to take down contact information.

Garcia-Page has insisted that the most important aspect is that the virus is not transmitted and he explained that this measure will help to narrow down the secondary transmission in this type of establishment.

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