Decades Old Crisp Packet Found on Costa Blanca Shore

Credit: Eco Playa Alicante

A decades old crisp packet has been found on a Costa Blanca shore. This incident shows the importance of reducing the use of plastic and recycling.

PLASTICS are very pollutant materials and take thousands of years to decompose. This is illustrated in the Instagram post by Eco Playa Alicante group who found a bag of potatoes from at least 20 years ago washed up on the Postiguet beach.

As seen on the plastic packaging, the price of this package was 125 pesetas, which is why it predates January 1, 1999, when the euro was officially introduced in Spain. Therefore, this plastic bag, which is in fairly good condition, is more than 22 years old, demonstrating the impact it has on the environment.


This new group of volunteers called Eco Playa Alicante found these old Lay’s while they were cleaning the beach and uploaded the image to their Instagram. They hope to demonstrate “the irresponsibility of human beings” and raise awareness among people who throw rubbish on the floor.

“We have to be more respectful with the ecosystem or instead of bathing in the sea we will bathe in plastics,” they stated. The association also posted an image which shows a bag full of rubbish found in the sea.

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