Clean up dog pee or face a fine, council tells pet owners

ENCOURAGEMENT: The council has been giving out bags and bottles for dealing with doggies’ deposits CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has launched a campaign to get dog owners to clean up their pets’ pee from public places or face a possible fine.

The ‘De paseo con tu mascota… perro, bolsa y botella’, translating as ‘Walking your pet…dog, bag, bottle’, is all about raising awareness and pressing upon owners the importance of not going out with their pooches without something to clear up the animals’ ‘deposits’ and a sanitizer bottle to rinse where doggies urinate.

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The initiative follows Adra council’s decision to modify the municipal by-law on pet ownership and protection. Coming into force within the next few weeks will be the obligation to use non-soapy and non-toxic products to dilute dogs’ urine.

Failure to comply with the regulations on clearing up after dogs carries potential fines of between €75 and €500.

Animal Protection councillor Elisa Fernandez called on residents to do their bit.

She said he council is trying to increase the cleanliness of the town, but that it is “a matter for everyone.”

To encourage people to follow the rules and contribute to public hygiene, the local authority has been giving out the bags and bottles from an information stand set up in the Puerta del Mar plaza next to the Town Hall.


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