Salon Manager on the Costa del Sol Sexually Abused Staff

Sexual Abuse: Costa del Sol Manager Arrested. CREDIT: Mostafa Meraji, Unsplash

A SALON manager on the Costa del Sol has been arrested after he allegedly sexually abused staff. The man, a Spanish national who is 48 years of age, is said to have continually abused an employee in Malaga.

The salon manager had been lasciviously touching the victim’s intimate areas in the workplace and he had been taking advantage of the employee-boss relationship between them.

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According to the complaint filed at the police station by the woman, she had been working as a receptionist at the beauty salon for two years. During this time the boss was touching her intimate areas against her will.

The National Police also advanced that she had been suffering at the hand of her superior for a very extended period of time. After obtaining a series of evidence and testimonies, the salon manager has been arrested. Already in 2019, another co-worker filed a complaint against this same man for a similar incident.

The man is now under the investigation of Court number 2 in Malaga who has already issued a 500-metre restraining order between the abuser and the victim.

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