Police chief insults PP president

Not happy: President of the PP of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla Credit: PP Velez-Malaga

THE president of the PP of Vélez-Málaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, has demanded that the mayor open a disciplinary file against the head of the Local Police, José Andrés Montoya, after the police chief issued a series of insults against him in the media as a result of the councillor requesting his dismissal due to poor organisation skills.

Delgado Bonilla was surprised at the reaction to the criticism made this week by the PP about Vélez-Málaga’s Local Police and the growing insecurity that residents are experiencing.

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However, the biggest surprise came when Montoya insulted the PP spokesman “with a badass style and a cool tone that will obviously have consequences,” assured the councilman.

“In the Local Police regulations it is clearly established that disregard for their superiors is a very serious offence and, like it or not, a councillor of the Vélez Town Hall is a public authority,” said Delgado Bonilla, who reminded the police chief “that he is to exercise a technical position, it is not a political position, and if he assumes a political role that he abides by the consequences.”

He has now demanded that the alderman remove Montoya and, in addition, open a disciplinary file. “His removal must be immediate and a file must be opened for inconsideration and for disqualifications and insults to a councillor of this town hall,” he asserted.


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