Three-day forest fire in Monovar – Alicante

Three-day forest fire
MONOVAR FIRE: Provincial and regional dignitaries visit the scene Photo credit: Diputacion de Alicante

A Three-day FOREST fire in inland Monovar has finally been brought under control.

The three-day forest fire, which affected 140 hectares of woodland and scrub, originated in the Romaneta district, a mountainous area between Monovar and La Romana.

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More than 50 firefighters and two Fire Brigade Consortium helicopters were required to extinguish the flames, revealed the Diputacion, Alicante’s provincial council.

Diputacion president Carlos Mazon, accompanied by the heads of the council’s Emergencies and Environment departments, visited the scene of fire, where they met Gabriela Bravo, the regional government’s Justice, Interior and Public Administration chief.

Initial investigations suggest that the blaze was started by an unauthorised bonfire that got out of hand and an arrest has now been made, Diputacion sources revealed.


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