Pensioners protected as care home opens

Frigiliana proceeds to reopen the Home for the Elderly, Credit: Twitter

THE Frigiliana Town Hall has now opened the cafeteria and leisure centre of the home for the elderly.

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The elderly have been the most vulnerable part of this health crisis. The Frigiliana Town Hall has focused attention on them from the first day through the civil protection service that has assisted the elderly in basic needs, in the same way, with the distribution of free masks, we wanted to take special care of our elderly.

From the consistory, they indicate that “now we face a new challenge to help them become active and social, without putting their health at risk. To do this, the home for the elderly is reopened and our elders are encouraged to attend.

The capacity will be limited, the use of hydrogel and masks will be mandatory, and a daily record will be kept of the people who attend, all for the sake of achieving a sanitary safe environment.”


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