Costa del Sol’s Nightlife Under Serious Threat

Credit: Agoda

Costa del Sol’s nightlife finds itself under serious threat as coronavirus outbreaks continue to emerge as a result of the hospitality industry. The Junta of Andalucia is now seriously considering the closure or limitation of nightlife businesses as a way to limit the risk of transmitting coronavirus.

The politics of this pandemic has predominantly consisted of a trial and error strategy. Cordoba is the latest Andalucian province to suffer an immense outbreak. Over ninety people have been infected. This outbreak, although severe, could have been worse as around 1,000 people attended the nightclub that night. The combination of alcohol, a sweaty dancefloor and loose inhibitions creates the perfect environment for the virus to spread.

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Now, Costa del Sol’s nightlife finds itself under serious threat as the Junta will be considering what move to take next to limit the spread of the virus. This could potentially mean all nightclubs and late-night cocktail bars closing at 10:00 p.m. as has been done in Gandia, Costa Blanca. If not a complete closure.

The president of the Board, Juan Marin has affirmed that “once we have all the information, a decision will be made”. In the meantime, the bars and clubs of the Costa del Sol will have to wait impatiently. The nightlife industry, and the hospitality sector in general, on the Costa del Sol, have had a hard time during the pandemic. Many of these businesses rely on the influx of tourists to pay their bills. Unfortunately, this year will be one of the worst years on record for tourism.

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