Caring for kids in Velez-Malaga

Three programmes: Councillor for Social Rights and Equality, Víctor González Credit: Ayt. De Velez Malaga

VELEZ Malaga Town Hall and the Consejería de Igualdad, have signed an agreement for the development of the ‘Programa de tratamiento a familias con menores en situación de riesgo o desprotección’. The objective of which is to respond to the care needs of minors in the town.

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The Councillor for Social Rights and Equality, Víctor González, explains that there are three programmes: the ‘Psychotherapeutic treatment or Family treatment team’, which treats families with indicators of abuse; the ‘Complementation Project’, based on families in which, once the intervention has ended; and ‘Family reunification’, which consists of families start a reunification process with the children.

Víctor González highlighted “that these programs give families’ access to specific treatment that allows the acquisition of rehabilitation guidelines. This helps families at risk, which could affect the well-being of minors.”

González highlighted that the objectives are “to train the family to provide proper care to minors, guaranteeing their safety and basic integrity. Thanks to this, it is possible for the family to function autonomously, and for minors to have adequate care and attention, ”added the Councillor.



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