Benalmadena takes on extra help to control beaches

BENAL WATCH: more help on beaches. Credit: Shutterstock

BENALMADENA now has 70 beach control assistants from the Junta de Andalucía to help local authorities to control gauging in bathing areas.

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Of the total of 902 people hired for the entire Malaga coastline, 70 auxiliaries are distributed throughout the 17 beaches of Benalmadena to ensure the safety of bathers and compliance with hygiene and protection regulations.

To this measure are added the €84,175 allocated by the Board to this town for the permanent acquisition of two pick-up vehicles, two quads, 100 gangways, two lifebuoys and other rescue equipment.

The Andalucian Government has allocated almost 24 million euros for the training and hiring of 3,004 beach assistants in order to help municipalities and security forces and bodies in this task.


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