Velez-Malaga announce winning writers

Winners of Joaquín Lobato Literary Contest. Credit:Ayto, de Velez-Malaga

VELEZ-MALAGA Town Hall announced on Friday, July 17, the decision of the jury for the 33rd edition of the Joaquín Lobato Literary Contest, which pays tribute to the famous artist.

Councillor for Culture, Cynthia García, reported that the winner of the first prize in the short story category was Andrés Porlán Torroglosa, from Murcia, with the work ‘El Amor en Estos Tiempos’, which has won a prize of €2,000. The second prize was €600 for Paula Fernández Villalobos, from Velez-Malaga, with her work ‘El reto viral’. In the form of poetry, the first prize went to Inés María Guzmán Ortega, a native of Malaga, with her work entitled ‘Fuera de contexto’; who obtained a cash prize of €2,000. The runner-up to the regional author in this category has gone to Salvador Gutiérrez Jiménez, from Almagro, sponsored by Almacenes La Lonja.

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García explained that this year, due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, it has been decided not to hold a traditional face-to-face event to present the awards, in order to guarantee health and safety, “which is why we make the verdict public and the prizes will be forwarded to the winners.”


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