Truckers to strike in Costa Blanca

Overwhelmed: The President of FROET, Pedro Díaz (right) Credit: Logistics Profesional

COSTA Blanca region’s freight carriers will join the strike called for July 27 and 28 in protest at the government’s decision to authorise vehicles of 44 tons and a half metre higher than normal, which they consider a threat to the economic stability of the companies.

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In addition, vehicles with these dimensions cannot circulate outside of Spain, so companies would need to “have some trucks for national transport and others for international” which would mean “doubling the fleet”.

The president of FROET, Pedro Díaz, assures that the company feel overwhelmed by the practices that their clients have been imposing, such as forcing drivers to take care of the loading and unloading of vehicles.

According to Pedro Díaz, the companies that use freight transport calculate that if drivers stopped doing this work, they would have to spend around 2,000 million to increase the workforce, given that each would require four or five more people.

He also recalled that some drivers have suffered serious workplace accidents because they are forced to perform tasks “for which they are not prepared or have the necessary training.”

Some 14,000 carriers in the region, between companies and the self-employed, are called to the protest on July 27 and 28.


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