Shock Horror as a Father in China Dangles Baby Off a Cliff


THE internet has reacted in shock horror as a video depicts how a father in China dangles his baby off a cliff just to get a picture. This video has done the rounds on social networks and gone viral.

In the video, captured by a tourist, you can clearly see the father and his child on Hongijing Road, a beautiful tourist attraction in China. Then, the father puts his child’s life at risk by hanging him from the cliff edge by the arms, simply to take a photo of him.

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Meanwhile, the little boy appears to shake his head from side to side, clearly showing he is fearful of the large height beneath him. One of the tourists nearby comments on how much the minor’s hands are shaking.

The incident occurred in a unique place that attracts dozens of tourists daily since there are innumerable viewpoints where you can see a wonderful landscape and a cliff with heights of almost a thousand metres above sea level. Perfect Instagram material – but not for a child!

The recklessness of this father has been condemned by dozens of users of social networks, who do not understand how such a thing could have crossed his mind just in order to capture an extreme photo.

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