Repurposed prison put to good use

Old cells: Cárcel Vieja in Murcia Credit: Pinterest.

THE rehabilitation plan of the Cárcel Vieja in Murcia begins with the demolition of part of the old prison’s perimeter walls.

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The project, which will transform the old prison into an open space for residents, will reuse the fallen stones to pave the new pedestrian space. The work has an investment of €1.9 million and will last one year.

In total, five walls are going to be dropped: the side attached to the Hospital de La Vega, and another four interior walls that face the prison courtyards.

The main building will be recovered for social, cultural and recreational uses, while landscaped outdoor spaces will be created in the west and south courtyards.

The old watchtowers and the northeast exterior perimeter wall, adjacent to the Post Office building, will also be maintained.


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