Murcia menace threatens flatmates

Woman in Spain who stabbed son is released on bail 
Tenant had menacingly displayed a kitchen knife.

ONE of the tenants of a house located in the Murcian district of El Palmar will not be able to approach the other residents of the property after a complaint filed by them, claiming that he causes them continuous discomfort and does not let them live in peace.

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The restraining order has been ordered after proceedings were opened against this man, JTT, 44 years old, who was detained by agents of the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (CNP).

The complainants assured that this man has lived in the house in the last four months and that on several occasions they had warned him that he had to behave and not disturb others if he wanted to continue living there.

In addition, they added that the incident that had led them to denounce him was that he had menacingly displayed a kitchen knife against them.


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