Kate Garraway’s Covid Ridden Husband Watches Her for The First Time Since Coma

Kate Garraway: Husband awakens from coma. Credit: Twiiter @andrewblueballs

Derek Draper, Kate Garraway’s Covid ridden husband, watches her live on television for the first time since he awoke from a coma. The emotional update about her husband’s health was broadcasted on the television show Good Morning Britain.

DEREK has been suffering from the virus since March and he has only just awoken from his coma, Kate admitted that her husband is still having a “tough” time in hospital.

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Sadly, the doctors warned the family that the damages suffered on his body from Covid may be irreparable, nevertheless, Garraway confirmed that he has since opened his eyes.

Her time on Good Morning Britain served to illuminate the struggles a family can face in terms of the coronavirus. She explained that “Derek had a tough week last week” and that they have to face this issue head-on.

Derek has suffered “from two big falls in blood pressure and also swelling in his legs with the concern that it might be clots” the whole journey “was very, very emotional.” Although “He has had clots in his lungs” she supposes that “the concern would be is if it was new clots forming.”

Thankfully he is now stable and when she spoke to the nurses, they said they had put on GMB and that they “felt he looked at it, cause his eyes were open and looked focused and engaged.” A very emotional endeavour for Kate Garraway and her husband as well as the viewers of GMB.

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