Italian PM Conte says EU recovery fund an opportunity to ‘change the face’ of Italy


Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said the recently agreed EU stimulus plan will be harnessed as a chance to transform the country and combat the coronavirus emergency with “strength and effectiveness”.

Conte announced on Tuesday that 209 billion euros of the total 750 billion euros of the EU recovery fund have been earmarked for Italy.

The Prime Minister said the funds signalled a moment to “change the face of the country.”


“Now we have to run and use these funds for investments and structural reforms,” Conte commented. “We have a real chance to make Italy greener, more digital, more innovative, more sustainable, inclusive. We have the chance to invest in schools, universities, research and infrastructures.”


  1. what nonsense-look at his grin
    Italy has often shown that it is incapable of doing this
    Conte fills his pockets, those of the mafia and big business
    the stupid German pays again-it won’t be long before Italy begs for money again


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