Abandoned Girl Crying on The Side of The Road is Rescued in Spain

Young Girl: Abandoned on the side of the road. Credit: guardia civil

THE Guardia Civil have rescued an abandoned little girl hugging a dog and crying on the side of the road in the municipality of Ladero, in La Rioja, Spain. The minor was extremely distraught and nervous, crying whilst hugging a dog by her side.

A person responsible for this irresponsible action has already been arrested. The culprit is the sentimental partner of the biological mother of the minor, a 30-year-old man, with an extensive criminal record, of Spanish nationality and resident in this Autonomous Community.

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This person is considered as the alleged author of a crime of temporary abandonment of a minor of “crimes against road safety, for driving a motor vehicle without a valid driving licence due to the total loss of legally assigned points.”

This individual was the person responsible for the guard and custody of the girl at the time. His negligent and reckless actions came to create a serious risk to the life, health and physical integrity of the minor who was clearly in a bad state when the police found her.

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