This Municipality Surpasses Lleida As City with Most Covid Infections

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YESTERDAY this Catalonian municipality surpassed Lleida as the city with most Covid infections in the region, and in the country. The number of new cases in the capital city of Catalonia, Barcelona, is quickly accelerating and transmission is no longer traceable.

The incidence of Covid (the number of new cases per volume of the population) is still higher in Lleida and the l’Hospitalet. However, the area with the most actual cases is Barcelona after registering 803 new cases in only one week.

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In the last three days, which are not included in the weekly analysis because their data is incomplete due to notification delays, the number of cases in Barcelona has exploded: 445 new diagnoses between July 16 and 18, compared to 217 in l’Hospitalet and 105 in Lleida.

When we have the complete data for these three days, “the numbers will be even higher; the epidemic is accelerating in Barcelona and its surrounding municipalities, it is a worrying trend,” says Gerard Giménez Adsuar, the data analyst at the Universitat Politècnica who has processed the information from the Dades Obertes de Catalunya portal.

Additional data confirms that the epidemic is accelerating in the city. The number of new cases multiplied by 1.4 in the first week of July compared to the previous week. It multiplied by 1.8 in the second week of July. And in the last week, this has multiplied by 3.5.

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