Russia Announces Success in Developing Covid Vaccine

UK Government Reserves 90 Million Doses of COVID Vaccine for Second Wave
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THE Ministry of Defence in Russia announced on Monday the successful conclusion of the clinical trials phase in regard to developing a vaccine against Covid-19. This project was concluded jointly with the National Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology Gamaleya.

“On the morning of July 20, the second group of volunteers were discharged,” said Russia in a statement, stating that the clinical tests were carried out in Moscow at the Burdenko Central Military Hospital.

According to the press release, “The results of the analyses unequivocally show that all volunteers developed an immune response as a result of the vaccine.” The vaccine did not cause complications, side effects or unwanted reactions.


The volunteers were vaccinated on June 23 and on August 4 they will undergo a series of control tests to confirm these results and the safety of the vaccine.

The defence emphasised that these clinical tests of the vaccine were carried out “in strict accordance with scientific methodology and current legislation, without shortening the terms of the investigation, in order to avoid subsequent risks.”

However, Russia is also being seriously accused. As previously reported, the country came into hot water after authorities believed they were hacking into scientific databases and stealing sensitive information.

According to the latest official data, Russia has registered more than 770,000 coronavirus positives and more than 12,300 deaths from Covid-19.


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