Future of Fried Chicken: Fast Food Company to 3D Print Chicken Nuggets

Printed Nuggets: KFC In talks to develop 3D printed nuggets Credit: 3D Bio

This fast-food company hopes to bring fried chicken from the future as they have paired up with a Russian 3D Bioprinting Solutions company to start printing chicken nuggets.

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THE fast-food company, KFC, already dominates the market in terms of poultry items but now they hope to take this a step further with lab-produced chicken nuggets. In a recent statement, the American fast-food company has said that the Russian laboratory uses chicken cells and plant material and it provides the partner with breading and spices ingredients. The key internal tests to create lab nuggets hopes to launch next fall in Moscow.

They argue that cell-based meat products are more ethical in that they do not cause harm to animals. Furthermore, this idea has less of an environmental impact, a great advantage in a world which is quickly deteriorating on an environmental level. Experts even deduce that the summer season in Spain in the future could reach 50 degrees. 

“Our experiment with 3D bioprinting technology to create chicken products can also help address various global problems that lie ahead,” says Raisa Polyakova, general manager of KFC Russia. To contextualise, KFC points to the efforts of the scientific community to find solutions in the food field in relation to the growth of the world population.

KFC’s concepts of ‘meat of the future’ and ‘restaurant of the future’ follow the trends of offering meats with a hyper-realistic appearance, taste and texture that are nevertheless processed vegetables as to appeal vegetarians and vegans. Given that notion of thinking, in 2019 KFC moved forward with the Beyond Meat brand and its alternative to the classic fried chicken.

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