Costa del Sol Council Gives Residents Advice on Dealing with Wild Boar

Benahavis Boars
Close encounters of a boar kind Credit: Benahavis Council

SO worried is the Benahavis Council about the proliferation of wild boar being seen in the village, it has issued an open letter to residents reminding them that these are wild animals that should not be encouraged to visit or be fed.

These animals are responsible for damage to parks, gardens and urban areas as well as breaking street furniture and a number have been involved in accidents with vehicles.

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Increasingly, especially when guarding young, they have been known to attack pets and people and have diseases which can be transmitted to domestic animals.

At one time the boars were scared of humans but more recently they have come to consider them food sources as they raid bins for leftovers and can even attack if they consider that someone is carrying food.

Children are advised to be very careful if they spot the animals in the open and must not make loud noises or sudden movements so that they are not scared into attacking although adults, may, if they consider there is sufficient distance attempt to frighten them away.


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