Costa Almeria Mayor urges locals to follow health protection rules

CONSEQUENCES: The Mayor warned a step backwards “would be a serious health, social and economic problem” CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

THE Mayor of Adra has urged residents to “scrupulously follow the health authorities’ rules and recommendations.

Manuel Cortes said it is “crucial” that local people “carry on being responsible” in order to “continue fighting against Covid-19 and to prevent it spreading.”

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If they don’t, Cortes warned “we are playing with taking a step backwards”, which he said “would be a serious health, social and economic problem.”

The Mayor’s comments came as Almeria has registered a number of new outbreaks of the virus over the last week or so.

As of Monday there were five active cases in Adra.

Cortes underlined the point that both individual and collective “good sense” and “responsibility” are “the key” to be able to “continue moving forward.”

He said that while most local residents were showing exemplary behaviour, and promised the council is complying “to the letter with health measures”, he also revealed that by Friday the Adra Local Police had filed some 90 reports for fines on people failing to wear face masks where it is compulsory since the state of alarm was lifted a month ago.

More than 30 of the cases were last week following the introduction of the Junta de Andalucia law making it obligatory to use a face mask in all public places.


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