Passer-by in Spain Who Were Refused Entry to Bar Toilets Turn Nasty

CREDIT: Policia Nacional Twitter @policia

The Municipal Police in Madrid has arrested three people for assaulting two waiters in a bar on Calle Montera after they didn’t let them use the bathroom of the establishment because it is exclusively for customers.

The aggressive incident happened yesterday when an officer was accompanying passers-by to accommodation near Calle Montera, 32. There he saw that there was a brawl in which three individuals were giving “kicks and punches” to two waiters.

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All this because the attackers asked to enter the toilets of the premises and the employees explained that they were for the exclusive use of clients and that, therefore, they could not pass.

The officer asked one of the individuals for the documentation but he ran away. nevertheless, thanks to citizen collaboration, they were able to retain him. The other two, who also fled, were stopped by another patrol of the Municipal Police. All three have been brought to justice.

On the other hand, one of the waiters presents slight bruises and another blows to the body to which they have had to put stitches on the lip.


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