“If Everyone Wore a Mask” Coronavirus Could be Controlled in Weeks

DONALD TRUMP: POTUS wears mask. CREDIT: Twitter

According to health experts, “if everyone wore a mask” then coronavirus could be controlled in a matter of weeks. The coronavirus pandemic continues to move relentlessly across the globe, and experts are working around the clock to find an effective vaccine.

According to Robert Redfield, the mask is an essential element when it comes to alleviating the burden of the pandemic. As the director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention states in the United States, Redfield states “if everyone wore a mask, the pandemic could be under control in four to eight weeks”.

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Robert Redfield’s words are based on a recently conducted study which tested the effectiveness of wearing surgical masks in relation to reducing the number of coronavirus infections amongst healthcare practitioners in Massachusetts.

The statements collected by the ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’ have had a great impact on the United States. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to contradict the information given by the experts.

He himself has not worn a mask in the vast majority of public events he has attended in recent months. The President of the United States has reiterated that he will not enforce the use of masks, since, according to him, it is not instrumental in ending the coronavirus. Contrastingly, most of the provinces in Spain have now made the use of masks mandatory at all times. 

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