Hundreds of Immigrants in Spain Cause Havoc to Break Lockdown Rules


More than a hundred immigrants who were residing in an illegal settlement of the Las Peñas highway have caused havoc on the streets after breaking the lockdown rules which were established on Friday because of a COVID-19 outbreak amongst the settlement.

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The outbreak which has already generated 21 confirmed cases was the reason why these immigrants were told they must stay quarantined. Nevertheless, this Sunday they decided that they would go out a protest the restricted mobility.

According to news sources, the situation has been very tense, especially when customers on a hotel terrace and the immigrants when they arrived. Furthermore, there were many altercations with both the National Police and with the media crews trying to document this.

In total around 500 people live in this illegal settlement, 21 of them have coronavirus. The area is controlled by police but around a hundred people managed to escape. The ties between immigration and imported cases are causing a lot of tension in the country. Similarly in Malaga immigrants arriving in the province caused a hundred person outbreak in the red cross centre.

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  1. Where is the police?
    Ah…now I remember: they busy applying unfair laws on native population…of course. If they have forced entered into the country forcing Spanish laws, if they are attcking people, if they are jumping on quarentine measures and are taking power…who is defending legality and the country?
    Police is the needed sidekick, clearly.


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