Police Officer on the Costa del Sol Attacked with Hammer

Credit: National Police

Yesterday the National Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga arrested a Maghrebi man for brutally attacking a police officer with a hammer in front of the provincial police station.

THE reasoning behind the attack remains unknown but according to investigative sources, the man had gone to the station to renew his national identity card or manage his foreigner documentation.

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However, the man was visibly intoxicated when addressing the officer. He rebuked the officer and demanded his passport be returned but the officer could only reply by guiding him to the process management area. Things began to get tense and he shouted at and threatened officers, “Policemen, sons of bitches, you are going to die, I am going to kill you all,” he said.

He then went to his motorcycle, grabbed a hammer and went towards the officer trying to hit him. According to news sources, the officer was forced to use his regulatory firearm and issue some warning shots to repel the attack.

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