Small British Cruise Company Bucks Trend by Purchasing Two New Ships

The Borealis prior to rebranding Credit: Fred Olsen Line

CONSIDERING the plight of cruise lines around the world who have no idea when they can welcome back passengers or indeed if people will be prepared to take cruises, a relatively small British company has just added two more ships to its fleet.

The Fred Olsen Line has renamed the two vessels it purchased from the Holland America Line as Bolette and Borealis (the names of ships previously owned by the group) and they will move to Babcock’s Rosyth Facilities in Scotland joining their four other ocean-going ships.

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Fred. Olsen Junior, Chairman of the Company commented on the purchase, saying, “I am delighted to be announcing this news today (July 16).

“We have chosen these vessels as they will fit seamlessly into our existing fleet of small ships, each carrying under 1,500 guests, bringing with them new and larger public areas whilst not compromising on our small ship experience.”


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