Promoting sales of ‘Made in Mallorca’ to boost island economy

TARGET: The money will go towards initiatives like trade fairs for island-made products CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Noticias

THE Mallorca government has approved a €1.2 million investment in promoting island-produced products to help boost the local economy.

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Mallorca president Catalina Cladera unveiled the initiative, which comes under the administration’s ‘Mallorca Reacciona’ programme, at the Los Geranios commercial centre in Palma on Wednesday.

She explained the money will go towards supporting sustainable, social-economic private or public projects. This means matters like organising local trade fairs or events aimed at benefitting the island economy and trade-in sale of products produced on the island.

Economic Promotion councillor Jaume Alzamora said more than €833,000 will go to local councils. The rest will be for business associations and federations, non-profit entities, cooperatives and micro-companies.

The support for the made in Mallorca initiative was in fact originally announced before the lockdown, but the Covid-19 pandemic situation prompted the island administration to allocate it a larger chunk of the budget.

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