Passengers Flying from Madrid to Galicia Put Into Quarantine

credit: shutterstock

AROUND a dozen people have been placed back into quarantine after a passenger travelling on a flight from Madrid to Galicia has tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to EFE, the Galician Health Service has confirmed that the infected person has been given a follow-up and those who have had close contact with the individual have already been identified and contacted.

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Over the next few days, passengers and contacts of the individual will be receiving daily phone calls to ensure they are not showing any symptoms and that the virus has not infringed upon their health.

Currently, there are around 120 outbreaks across Spain and the summer season has not slowed down the spread of the virus-like many experts hoped it would. In Madrid, there are three outbreaks, all of which are small and manageable, which for now is not worrying about the regional government.

In Galicia, there are also various outbreaks, which are also quite small. The latest outbreak has been identified in the A Coruña municipality of Betanzos, so far only three people have tested positive for the virus although more tests are pending.


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