Lucky winner scoops €35,000 in Torremolinos

ONCE winner in Torremolinos CREDIT: Shutterstock

The ONCE draw on Tuesday has left one lucky person on the Costa del Sol €35,000 richer!

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Although the largest amount won remains in the Huelva town of Moguer, where Miguel Ángel Montiel sold twelve coupons awarded with €35,000, distributing a whopping €420,000.

Miguel Ángel Montiel, who has been a seller of ONCE since 2015, sold ten prize-winning pre-printed coupons for five figures and another two through the POS through which the customer chooses the number he plays. Montiel has his point of sale located on the Avenida de Andalucía, at the gates of the ‘Felipe Godínez’ theatre in Moguer, and this Wednesday he was “very happy” about the award given to his customers, most of whom are regulars.

The ONCE dedicates this week its daily raffles, from Monday to Thursday, to promote sustainable and responsible fishing, within the agreement signed between the ONCE Social Group and the National Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds.

‘Ecosocial sustainability for our fishermen’ was the reason for the coupon of the draw on Tuesday with the aim of spreading that the survival of marine fauna passes through sustainable fishing, which is the one that respects marine ecosystems and adapts to the reproductive rhythm of the fish to maintain balance and guarantee the survival of the species.


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