Brits perfect pint comes under threat on party islands

Pints under threat!

WHAT would a sunny summer holiday be without a refreshing pint (or two)?

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Well, it came close yesterday afternoon on the Brits favourite holiday islands Ibiza and Majorca after regional authorities ordered a complete shutdown of bars and restaurants on Magaluf’s infamous party paradise Punta Bailena and others in Palma.

Iago Negueruela, Tourism Minister for the Balearics has launched new measures in the hopes of maintaining public safety which include the ban on large drinking glasses.

Lucky for pint lovers, the rules didn’t affect their towering tipple, but only just!

The Balearics’ ban is for containers over 600 cubic centimetres which means swiggers were saved by only 32 cubic centimetres, what a relief!

Negueruela announced in a press conference yesterday that the use of containers over half a litre would be prohibited. However, an official state bulletin came just hours later making it clear anything under 600 cubic centimetres would be acceptable.

Local bar owners are reported to have been panic-stricken, claiming it would have been last orders for them if pints were scrapped.


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