Tesco and Loop Offer New Recyclable Grocery Delivery Service in UK

Founder of Loop Tom Szaky Credit: Loop

HUNGARIAN born and now US based Tom Szaky created in 2001 the innovative and award-winning recycling company TerraCycle UK after coming up with the idea to use worm poop as an organic fertiliser.

18 years and four books later with TerraCycle operating in over 20 countries, the company launched Loop – a revolutionary way of shopping sustainably – in the US and in France and now for the first time it has entered into a trial arrangement with Tesco in the UK.

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Customers sign up with Loop free of charge and can order a currently small range of products which will be delivered by Loop in reusable packaging, cutting down on plastic waste.

This initiative is a key part of the Tesco 4Rs plan: Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The items are placed in a reusable tote pack (cutting out plastic bags and cardboard boxes) and once the items have been used, Loop will collect the bags and arrange for the containers to be hygienically cleaned and returned filled if required.

If the trial is successful, Tesco expect to extend the range of products available.


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