Pick up or pay up! Hefty fines for irresponsible dog owners in Alcantarilla

HEFTY FINES: Pet owners face fines of up to €1,500 if they fail to clean up after pets in Alcantarilla. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alcantarilla

Irresponsible dog owners in Alcantarilla face fines of up to €1,500 under a new law which states they must pick up poo and carry diluted vinegar to wash away urine.

THE amendment, which aims to prevent animals from dirtying the streets and public spaces, states that “it is prohibited to leave fecal stools and urination of dogs, cats or other animals on public roads”.

It goes on to say that “the owners or keepers of the animals will be responsible for the collection of their excrement and their deposit in litter bins or containers, as well as cleaning the urine with water and diluted vinegar”.

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“They must be equipped with excrement collection system and a container with a mixture of water and vinegar (one part of vinegar in five parts of water)”.

The non-removal and immediate cleaning up after pets will carry a fine of between €100 and €1,500.

Councillor for Economic Development, José Antonio López Olmedo, will present the changes to the Municipal Ordinance on the protection and possession of animals in Alcantarilla at the next Plenary on Thursday, July 30.




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