Labour Leader Criticises Boris Johnson for Flippancy During Covid-19 Debate

Today's debate Credit: Parliament TV

ONCE again, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer appeared to seize the moral high ground in a fairly bad-tempered exchange in Parliament today (July 15) with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As Starmer tried to discuss the possibility of a message to bereaved families of the victims of coronavirus and the fear of a second wave of the epidemic in the winter, the Prime Minister responded saying “We will do absolutely everything in our power to prevent a second spike in this epidemic.”

He then added, alluding to Sir Keir’s role as a lawyer “One day he says it’s safe to go back to schools, the next day he’s taking the line of unions; one day they’re supporting our economic programme, the next day they’re saying our stamp duty cut is an unacceptable bung; one day they say they accept the result of the Brexit referendum, the next day, today, they’ll tell their troops to do the exact opposite.


“He needs to make up his mind about which brief he’s going to take today because at the moment he’s got more briefs than Calvin Klein.”

The Labour leader was clearly not impressed by the attempt at a joke and observed “I think it tells you everything you need to know about the prime minister’s flippant approach to this crisis and his style of leadership,

“That’s hardly the response of the party of compassionate Conservatism.”



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