Gibraltar Air Terminal Expands its Covid-19 Measures as More Flights Scheduled

Check in for a vulnerable passenger Credit: Gibraltar Government

FOLLOWING the outbreak of Covid-19, Gibraltar Airport adopted a series of measures based on guidance and advice provided by Public Health Gibraltar and some aviation-specific guidelines provided by Public Health England.

Amongst these measures were the provision of hand sanitiser gels, the addition of Plexiglas screens, physical distancing mitigation, extra cleaning of public areas and trolleys and the provision of face shields for staff.


As the number of flights into and out of the Rock starts to increase and taking into account general advice on international air travel, Gibraltar Airport will shortly be introducing further measures and will be issuing a ‘Guidance for Travellers’ Information Sheet to assist passengers in planning their journeys and know what to expect when catching a flight.

The new main measures will be:

  • Passengers departing Gibraltar will have to wear a face covering/face masks when they enter the Terminal.
  • Those individuals considered to be in a vulnerable category will have their own Search area to avoid the necessity of queueing in Central Search.
  • Gibraltar families are known for arriving ‘en masse’ to welcome back friends and relations, but there will be limited areas for ‘Meeters and Greeters’ and the recommendation is that arriving passengers are met outside the terminal.

Gibraltar Airport will continue working to ensure the safety of passengers and staff and will follow any guidelines, recommendations and directives, to keep flying from Gibraltar as positive an experience as possible.


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