Extra police to stop boozy gatherings and crowds in Mallorca capital

RISK: The extra officers are necessary to prevent behavior which is anti-social and could spread the virus, the Mayor and Government Subdelegate said CREDIT: Policia de Palma Twitter @policiadepalma

THE police presence is being stepped up in Mallorca capital Palma to stop boozy gatherings and crowds in public places this summer to prevent the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Some 100 National Police officers will be providing support to the Local Police force until September 30.

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The announcement followed a meeting of the Local Public Safety Board.

CREDIT: Jose Hila Facebook

Palma Mayor Jose Hila and the Government Delegate in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo, said the extra officers are needed to avoid outbreaks of the virus and to stop anti-social behaviour.

“It’s not worth throwing away everything which has been achieved in these months due to the attitudes and behaviour of a few”, Calvo commented.

Hila called on the public to show individual and collective responsibility.

“There is no situation of normality”, he pointed out.

“Palma is reactivating and health remains a priority. A relapse would be bad for the economy”, the Mayor added.

He stressed the response to anti-social behaviour will be severe.

“The good work cannot be for nothing”, Hila said.


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