Dog saved in nick of time in gruesome cruelty case

RAID: Police officers prevented six other malnourished mutts from devouring the dog. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

POLICE saved a dog’s life just in the nick of time in El Ejido after a suspected drug dealer tossed it to other mutts for food.

Officers who had the property in Calle Colombia under surveillance decided to go in immediately based on the certainty an animal’s life was in danger.

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The officers dashed through to the terrace and managed to stop six dogs considered dangerous breeds from devouring another to satisfy their desperate need for food.

The six dogs showed clear signs of malnutrition and were being kept in appalling conditions.

All the animals are now in the care of the SOS Adopta Animal Protection Society in Pechina.

When the officers burst in the 23-year-old owner, barefoot and just in his underwear, tried to make a run for it over roof tops, but he ended up surrounded by police.

He was charged with animal mistreatment. He also faces charges for crimes against public health and for defrauding the power supply.

The original investigation into the goings on at the property launched at the beginning of the month followed complaints from neighbours. They reported their suspicions it was being used as an indoor marijuana plantation and a drug sales point.

Police surveillance operations over several days and at different times indicated the suspicions were well-founded.

The raid on the house led to the seizure of marijuana, hashish, cocaine, ecstasy and 37 marihuana plants.

CREDIT: Policia Nacional

A court ordered the 23-year-old be held in prison.


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