Coronavirus strengthens Mafia’s grip on Italy


Coronavirus strengthens Mafia the economic struggles of Italians under COVID-19 lockdown have helped the mafia gain yet more control in Italy, particularly in the country’s southern regions.

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The three most powerful Italian mafia groups, Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta, have been taking advantage of failing businesses and owners’ struggles to pay bills and rent during the coronavirus emergency. There are reports of the crime syndicates buying up businesses cheaply and using them as covers for money laundering.

The mafia has also used the slow arrival of state aid to gain favour in the south. In Palermo, the mafia assisted those in need with benefits before state funds arrived, while a Cosa Nostra member was seen distributing food parcels in one of the city’s poorest districts.

People made unemployed by the coronavirus lockdown have found work opportunities offered by mafia groups.

Post-COVID-19, Italy is experiencing an ongoing economic crisis that will continue to assist the influence of the mafia.


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