Cash for marine conservation in Spain’s Balearics

AGREEMENT: The two foundations are managing a €300,000 investment in different projects for protecting the waters of the Balearics. CREDIT: Marilles Foundation noticias

THE Fundatur and the Marilles foundations have signed an agreement on allocating €300,000 to marine conservation in the Balearic Islands over the next 30 months.

The donation will be managed by Marilles, a non-profit organisation which aims to transfer the archipelago into an international reference point for the protection of marine environments.

The cash is earmarked for three projects for the long-term conservation of the waters of the Balearics.


One is all about getting the public interested in the sea with the idea that will lead to more people thinking about its protection. It involves the MARE audiovisual competition marrying marine conservation with photography and videos of nature, and the production of a TV series about the beauty and treasures of the sea.

The Mar Balear report is a collaborative initiative to assess the environmental state of the sea and its evolution over time in which all the islands’ marine investigation centres are taking part.

The third is an initiative run by Marilles and Observadores del Mar, which gives members of the public the opportunity to get directly involved in marine conservation through collecting data and contributing to scientific projects and to key sectors like fishing, sailing and tourism.


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