“I Won’t Wear It” Maskless Man Tries to Throw a Train Inspector onto The Rails

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Mask Incident at Madrid's Metro Credit: Metro de Madrid.

A MAN who was lying down on the bench of a metro station in Spain’s Madrid has tried to push a train inspector onto the rails after he refused to put his mask on. The incident occurred on Sunday at 8.30am at the Valdecederas station and the tussle all began simply because the man refused to wear a mask.

The pair of inspectors could see how one of the passengers was not wearing a mask and therefore they approached him to ask him to put it on. At that moment the man took a shirt out of his bag and wrapped it around his head when the officers told them this was not a viable option, tensions began to rise.

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The man said “I am not going to wear it. You will have to buy me one,” whilst also delivering threats such as “you’re worthless” or “I am going to kill you.” At that moment the inspectors called the National Police as the man was getting increasingly aggressive.

According to the inspectors, the man pushed one of them and almost threw him onto the railway but thankfully at the last minute he was able to regain his balance.

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