Good Life Comes to an Abrupt End as Guardia Civil Arrest 59 in Campo de Gibraltar


IT is no secret that with its close proximity to Morocco the southern most tip of Spain is a popular drop off point for drug smugglers and only last week, videos appeared on social media showing drugs being unloaded on an Estepona beach.

The Guardia Civil fight a tireless battle against the import of drugs and money associated with their sale and after a two-year investigation, 450 officers from the Algeciras command centre arrested 59 alleged money launderers and are still examining a further 43.

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After establishing that in excess of €35 million has been laundered, officers acted to raid properties across the Campo with the majority being in the town of La Linea de la Concepcion which sits just across the border with Gibraltar.

150 vehicles valued in excess of €1 million were seized alongside 60 properties said to be worth €16 million, 200 bank accounts were blocked and €550,000 in cash was impounded.


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