Glee Star Naya Rivera Saved Her Son Just Before Drowning

Naya Rivera: Saved her son before drowning Credit: Twitter @MikeSington

Authorities in California have just released additional information about the drowning of Naya Rivera which occurred in Lake Piru on Wednesday. The search and rescue team spent four entire days looking for Naya’s body at the lake which is just north of Los Angeles. Yesterday authorities sadly found her body and ruled that she had in fact drowned in the lake.

The Ventura County Sherriff has theorised that Naya accidentally forgot to anchor the boat and therefore she had to swim back with her four-year-old. When she reached the boat, she managed to get the boy onto the platform, but she no longer had any strength to get herself on.

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It was her son, Josey Dorsey, who revealed to the Police that Naya had swum together at some point during the trip and that during this time his mother had helped him get on to the boat, he then recalls he looked back and watched her disappear into the water”.


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