Electric Scooter in Spain’s Costa Blanca Bursts into Flames Overnight

Dangerous Scooter: House is on fire after scooter bursts into flames Credit: Alicante Town Hall

The firefighters in Spain’s Costa Blanca had to rush over to Alicante on the early hours of Tuesday Morning after an electric scooter, which was left charging overnight, burst into flames. The accident occurred on Calle Virgen del Socorro and the fire has left two people as well as one officer with smoke inhalation problems.

Three firefighter crews and three other Local Police patrols were called to the scene and had to evacuate a total of eight people who were living in the house. According to the tenants, the fire broke out whilst they were asleep, and they woke up after hearing a loud explosion. When they came down they realised the scooter was burning and the fire was spreading towards the furniture so they began to throw the inflamed objects out of the window.

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Once the firefighting team arrived they located the flames from one the rooms and the burning sofa on the street. The house has been partially affected but thankfully the structure still stands.

Two neighbours are being treated for excessive smoke inhalation and wounds on their feet when they stepped on the broken glass on the floor. The fire was thankfully extinguished by 5:00 a.m.

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