Swimmers ignore C0vid-19 warning and flock to fresh water springs in Mula on the Costa Blanca

WARNINGS: Swimmers continue to bathe despite risks. CREDIT: Murcia Turismo

Swimmers continue to ignore Covid-19 warning and flock to fresh water springs in Mula, Murcia, prompting council calls for security and surveillance.

BATHERS have been advised to avoid Fuente Caputa, due to the risk of coronavirus contagion, but “hundreds of people continue to be reckless” every weekend, despite a lack of security measures.

A Mula Council spokesperson said that “in this time of pandemic, not only is bathing not recommended, but there is also no health guarantee that there is no risk of contagion from Covid-19”.

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As such, the local authority has asked the regional government to include the area within the Copla Plan of surveillance and rescue.

The council is calling for “some type of security to be established” pointing out there are at least seven accesses by car and a dozen by foot to the site, making it difficult to control use as has been achieved at Salto del User in neighbouring Bullas.

Added to this is the “recklessness of numerous bathers who jump into the pool from the rocks that surround it, thus putting their own physical integrity at risk.

Every summer there are reported accidents.



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